Acupuncture and Meniere’s

I am a bit excited today. Tomorrow I have my first Acupuncture session – ever. I will update you tomorrow/weekend with my experience in regards.

Follow up

My first acupuncture session ever was very positive. I went to a practitioner in North Sydney – Ray Ford – and was positively impressed. Before putting any needles anywhere we had a longer conversation. The conclusion was that in Chinese Traditional Medicine the ear is connected with the kidneys. One of his questions was, if I experience to have lower back pain – which I do. I noticed that since my attacks got stronger in the last past couple of weeks I do have an uncomfortable feeling in the lower back.

The conclusion after this first meeting was, that we will focus initially on the kidneys before going over to anything else. So, my first acupuncture session was actually one dedicated for kidneys. He also made moxibustion and prescribed me some herbs (similiar usage as preparing a tea).

My conclusion after this first meeting was reassuring. I felt relaxed and refreshed after acupuncture and moxibustion and I noticed a sliiiiiiiiight drop of pressure in my ear. I will now keep going with the herbs and obviously it would be interesting to see if any treatment for kidneys improves my current Meniere’s symptoms.

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Worries and hope

There are many things about Meniere’s which do bother me, and probably they bother you as much as me.

There is the Tinnitus – the constant sound in your ear. But after a while you learn to accept it and as long as you don’t focus too much on it it merges with the surroundings.

There is the feeling of a “blocked ear”. It is a horrible feeling and normally combined with hearing loss. Blocked and no sounds, or almost. It is something you can not fight, at least not in short term, so you must also accept this. But than, there are also the days where the hearing is better and I really enjoy these days, even more.

Then there are the dizziness and vertigo attacks, rare for me, but they exist. The best way to me to describe them is: panic. Panicking because you can feel it come, panicking because you don’t know why, panicking because you don’t know how long it will be and what you should do. But they normally go away, after a while.

But you know what. The biggest worries to me is no one of these. My biggest worry is the thread that the second ear can get affected. That makes me worry the most. It is about the uncertainty, about the feeling: let’s wait to see if it will happen.

So, me and you will have to do something to not make it happen. And even than, if it would happen, we could still say: we tried. Never give up. Try what you can. There are always more doors than one. The important thing, as always in live, is TO DO. The worst you can do is standing still and wait.

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Starting Silver Hydrosol treatment

Sovereign Silver ProductsI had some really good couple of months behind me. Basically, the whole beginning of 2011 was overall good without getting to many symptoms of Meniere’s. 3 weeks ago however, my ears fell again “blocked” and I felt a strong pressure in the ear. Obviously, all of this combined with some hearing loss.

I decided to try something different and read about an Immune System treatment by using Silver Hydrosol liquid. Silver Hydrosol is normally used for Immune Support and there is no certainty that it will do anything to make the Meniere’s symptoms better – but I thought – let’s have a go.

As you might know, the causes of Meniere’s are blurry. It might come from Food Allergies, MSG, HVP or Microbes. Silver Hydrosol is an anti-bacterial and so good to try if the symptoms are based on viral or bacterial sources.

I found a company which is actually the market leader in the states of producing Bio-Active Silver Hydrosol called Natural Immunogenics. The product in question is called Sovereign Silver.

I have low expectations. I hope that after the treatment, which consists basically by taking 5 teaspoons of Silver Hydrosol a day, my symptoms will at least not be as strong. I would be happy with that. Otherwise, it should at least make my immune system stronger which is fine too. So, even if you don’t have Meniere’s Symptoms have a read into Silver Hydrosol as I think it is a great alternative to boost your general health.

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La Nova – tuna in springwater

Sodium: 40mg per 100g

A bite of fish

Nova tunaWow. How difficult can it be to find some tuna to eat. Well, just try to find one with less sodium. I never imagined that there can be so much sodium in tuna – what the hell? I found this one with a good value and it tastes like every other tuna from the can too. So this is actually a great replacement.

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Doctors appointment

I have a appointment with my doc tomorrow and some test. Always a bit nervous when it comes to that. But lately I’m feeling well since I started the low-salt diet. Let’s see.

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